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About This Site / "Design and DX don't work well..." It's an open community that shares such worries. Not only design and IT, but also subsidies, sales channel development, sales promotion, human resource development, product development, etc. Let's solve all the problems related to management with one stop!

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Management support team of Blueprint Inc.
Management support team

We provide our basic services. We support general management issues such as management analysis, construction of management/business strategy, business/product/service development, and subsidy support. For example, in the case of intellectual property strategy, a team is formed with small and medium enterprise management consultants and patent attorneys.

Design, branding and creative support team of Blueprint Inc.
design team

Responsible for branding, marketing/promotion/design strategy. For example, in the case of a web strategy, we form a team of marketers, writers, designers, and analysts. We can also handle old media such as graphic design for products, packages, advertisements, etc.

DX support team of Blueprint Inc.
DX support team

We support the utilization of integrated systems and IT tools. For example, in the case of compliance with the Act on Preservation of Electronic Books, a team of IT consultants and engineers will be formed to cover everything from selection/evaluation/implementation to operation.


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